About Thomas & Co. Consulting

Allen Thomas portrait

Thomas & Co. Consulting, a comprehensive land use entitlement firm located in Santa Rosa, CA, is a trusted resource on local issues with contacts throughout the region—a combination that can reduce the time needed to complete projects. Thomas & Co. can also bring together professional consultants to collaborate and address more complex land use issues.

Founder of Thomas & Co. Consulting, Allen Thomas has an extensive understanding of how to navigate the intricacies of the political and bureaucratic arena. Allen’s reputation for being a fair, honest and strategic community builder has helped deliver results, and his broad array of experience has allowed him to form strong relationships with many community stakeholder groups.


• West End Neighborhood Association – Organized and developed structure for the residents to give them a voice and a presence for their community.

• City of Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner, 2000-2005 – Reviewed projects for compliance with General Plan. Gave specific recommendations and broad direction for improvements to project. Met with staff and applicants to improve final outcome of project. Oversaw public hearings and staff reports regarding changes, updates and amendments to the General Plan. Represented the City of Santa Rosa at various government conferences, continuing education and functions. Neighborhood Flight Review Committee – Planning Commissioner facilitator and mediator to resolve noise issues associated with emergency flight operations at Memorial Hospital Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Public Advisory Committee, Chairman – Worked with Santa Rosa Redevelopment Agency and public to establish Santa Rosa’s Gateway Project Area.